Eeek! Batman Painting

Batman-Inspired Painting

Graffiti abstract painting on gallery canvas, 30″ x 60″

Acrylic painting, pencils, and pastels on gallery canvas with vintage Japanese comicbook pieces

This is the origin of the Eeek! painting. In 1999 I created the first version of the Batman-inspired Eeek! painting for my first gallery show. It measured about 18″ x 36″ and later went to a friend of mine after the show. For my 2007 Intercontinental Hotel Gallery Show I wanted a large centerpiece for the show, and it was a great opportunity to reinvent one of my favorite paintings.

The Eeek! painting is inspired by vintage Batman comicbooks and the 1960’s TV show, I’ve cast a retro-era Robin “The Boy Wonder”, pitted him against foes, surrounded him with riddles and challenges, symbols and icons of power, and some of his superhero weaponry and gadgets. This is one of my most popular Batman paintings.


If you are interested in this painting I have limited edition prints for sale. I also accept commissions for unique custom paintings based on Eeek!

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