Batman Manga

Batman-Inspired Painting

Graffiti abstract painting, 24″ x 24″

Acylic painting on gallery canvas with vintage Batman and Japanese comicbook pieces

Obviously Batman and anything Japanese have been fascinations for me for a long time. In my paintings I usually try and create very abstracted representations, but I love graphic design, from vintage toy packaging graphics to comicbook art, so this time I tried something a bit different with my “Batman Manga” painting.

The top half of the Batman Manga painting is based on a 1960’s Japanese Batmobile friction toy package that the package designer took the liberty of making orange-pink. I think using orange is really disruptive from our expected image of a black or blue batmobile, so this was probably a great way to capture attention, it could have been inspired by the red Batman suit from the 1966 Batman movie. Anyhow, the bottom half of the painting features the dynamic duo snapping into action based on how they were drawn in Japanese comicbooks. Overall the Batman Manga painting is more kinetic and a little less campy than some of my other renditions of my favorite crimefighters.

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