Lego Architecture – Creating Le Corbusier’s Unite d’Habitation

I was looking for a Lego architecture project and focused on one of my favorite modernist architects – Le Corbusier and his Unite d’Habitation from 1957. This was a residential complex to provide housing for nearly 500 people.

I started the design process trying to gather reference images and experimented designing the more challenging elements first. it’s like sketching with Legos in a way and understanding what I need to plan for.

My first models were a little odd, the photos were contradicting each other on the scale and proportions, and there seemed to be too many variations I was finding on the alternate side of the building. What I discovered is that there are five variations of the building in different cities with the same name. The first one was built in Marseilles France in 1952, and then variations of the development were produced across Europe in subsequent years.

Since I needed to chose one to base this on, I chose the 1957 Berlin Unite d’Habitation (also known as Corbusierhaus). It had a large scale I thought would feel dramatic, and it implements some great modernist design elements. However it did not feature a dramatic roof like the Marseilles version, but that can be another project.

Unite d'Habitation by Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier Unite d’Habitation — Berlin, Germany 1957

These are a few early explorations of my lego panel build-ups. I used a variety of different colors to help me mark the scale, when completed these would all be covered with tiles. These sides will be rather large at 62 x 18 studs.

Lego architecture

Here’s a rough of the building and base, still many pieces missing


Lego Le Corbuiser

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