Batman inspired Eeek! painting goes to California

I originally painted the Batman and Robin infused “Eeek” in 2000 which measured 36 x 18. The painting eventually ended up with a close friend. After a few years I decided to create another more massive and epic version of Eeek (60 x 30).

The new abstract painting took a few months — the big canvas just fueled my obsession to add more small details, pictograms, hidden riddles. I wanted to create different experiences up close and far away. And “Eeek 2” ended up being a hit in some of my gallery shows, even visitors at my home wanted to pose in front of it for photos…

Eeek recently sold to couple in Sacramento, and based the photo from them it definitely looks cool in the new digs.

Eeek! Batman and Robin Painting

Eeek! Batman and Robin Painting by Bill O’Neil

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