209 Gin Website Design featured on Communication Arts

I was creative director for this website design project for 209 Gin out of San Francisco. This was a rare project in that all I was given was a bottle and some great origin stories about 209 — the brand, marketing, and story was a blank canvas.

After my visit I had steampunk visions; a tonic born in the turn of century age-of-invention. A vision full of Zeppelins, zoetropes, clockworks, mystery and alchemy, Nikola Tesla battling Edison, and of course the landmarks of old San Francisco. I worked with designer Jason Kobs, and although this was our first project together, he quickly translated this steampunk madness into concept sketches and moodboards. The final design you see is mostly unchanged from that original concept.

It was a lot of fun to spend time in San Francisco and Napa Valley and we had many tasty cocktail adventures along the way… The website recently won webpick of the day from Communication Arts so visit distillery209.com


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